How To Win Event Marketing

Mar 2, 2016

How To Win Event Marketing

by Mar 2, 2016

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Event Marketing

Trade shows have their own unique culture. You will meet one of three types of people at a trade event:

No. 1 – The Zealot

Have you even been accosted in the aisle by a golf-shirt-wearing true believer? Remember their deep, passionate belief in their product or service? The most aggressive booth workers usually come from a start up or a small budget. Their passion is enflamed because they spent 75 percent of their marketing budget on the event. They’re not going to waste their chance. I respect that.

No. 2 – The Giant

The Giant roams the fanciest booth at the event with the most staff, the most floor space, and a booth that glows as you walk up to it. The staff mills about busily and has a relaxed, almost aloof, vibe. It’s impressive, but ultimately unapproachable.

No. 3 – The Waste

The Waste occupies a booth that is a pigsty an hour into an event. That’s because they’re sitting down and lazily scrolling on their phone. It’s uncomfortable to hear, but these folks need to be retrained or let go. What’s the point of spending the money on the event, the travel, the fancy dinners, and the time away from the office if the staff is ineffective?

You may be saying to yourself, “these are all extreme types of people, surely there are some normal people at trade shows, right?”

The answer is, of course, yes. But even the normal ones are touched with a brush of these personas. Thank goodness, too. To get the most out of your event marketing, you need to find and reward the right mix of the first two Personas.

How? Through a simple process I like to call “Being Prepared.”

It’s revolutionary.

I was recently at a trade show with a client and it amazes me how many companies appear totally unprepared for an event. The staff doesn’t know the talk tracks, the products, or even the booth number.

Here’s a handy high level checklist you can use in your event planning to make sure you have an elite team, and a successful event:

  • A reachable, measurable team goal everyone understands
  • Memorized product talk tracks
  • Clearly defined staff roles – for everyone… including leadership
  • Team effort on setup and tear down – for everyone… including leadership
  • A respected leader to make staff accountable

Event marketing can be a growth catalyst for any business. Follow the checklist and watch your business body language. The result is a wiser, more profitable investment.


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