Marketing In Uncertain Times

Mar 27, 2020

Over the last 2 weeks a lot has changed. As a marketing communications pro, you are likely asking yourselves some new questions…

  • What does my target audience care about these days?
  • Do they have new priorities?
  • Does the problem my business solves for them maintain a high enough priority for them?

When you are marketing in times of uncertainty there are 3 concepts that have more value than they do in ordinary times:

  1. Leadership
  2. Clarity
  3. Focus

We all want to feel ordinary right now, even if things aren’t.

So here is the one question I recommend asking yourself, to drown out the uncertainty and push yourself — Are you leading right now by communicating clearly with your customers?

By “you” I mean your company, your brand, and you personally.

Here is a reminder you might need right now.

You were built for this situation! You have put in the work to earn the right to be great in these uncertain moments!

Pre-COVID-19 you spent so much time pushing messaging out that builds your company’s position as a leader. You might catch yourself thinking that you wrestled with word choice in ad messaging, color gradients, promotional budgets, getting approvals, meeting deadlines… for what?

For now.

Now is the time to leverage all of your efforts. Lead your customers with clarity and focus. Demonstrate your value like never before.

Leaders are needed when the world is uncertain. Your customers need to trust right now. They need to see your creativity. They need to see what you care about, so they know you care… and so they learn what matters, too.

If you feel like this is hard right now, you’re right! It is.

But you can do it.

Go back to your mission, your message, and your core story. How should it evolve right now? What does your audience need to hear? What is your unique way of telling them?

Answer these questions well and you have the starting point you need.

In a sea of uncertainty, be the calm you have been working on building for so many years. Every social post, Google ad, magazine placement, blog post, interview, and video is the foundation. You have built it.

Use it.

Now is the time to have courage to lean into what you’ve worked so hard to build.

It’s your job to put your customers at ease. It’s your job to show that you aren’t thrown off course by this uncertainty.

It’s your job to lead.

Your team needs you, your customers need you. Their families need you.

There is no better time to demonstrate your leadership than right now.

Now is your time – lead on!

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