Stories. Travel. New Ideas.

Addie Hujar - Account Manager

Adapt to change. Embrace new ideas. Optimize time. Find the story. These words describe how we partner with clients to help them reach audiences and meet goals.

It also describes Account Manager Addie Hujar. These phrases could be the chapters of her life.

When her mother first read aloud to her. Addie fell in love with stories, books and even libraries. (She enjoys popping into libraries wherever she goes!) From classic novels to C.S. Lewis to current business magazines and podcasts (“My Favorite Murders,” “The Dollop,” “Ashley Graham – Pretty Big Deal,” “Dax Sheppard”) –  Addie has cultivated a wide-ranging frame of reference that helps us understand where our clients fit in their industry and the marketplace. She’s a movie buff, too. Every era is fair game and she loves iconic classics like North by Northwest and Roman Holiday as much as adaptations of Jenny Han’s newest novel.

While in high school, she earned lots of college credits, maximizing her time by earning two degrees in the regular four years. Her studies in Marketing Management and Integrated Marketing Communications helps her understand how stories inform and empower consumers – and position our clients for success.

Addie studied in Korea. This mind-opening experience resulted in exposure to new ideas, a deep appreciation for other cultures and the wisdom that adapting and excelling in another culture provides Addie with insights that are perfect for switching gears to serve our many clients across diverse industries.

“Travel has opened my eyes to a larger truth,” Addie states. “Cultures may be different, but people everywhere have the same universal, basic needs.”

In addition to these insights, Addie brings experience serving national brands including Smuckers, Acura, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mitsubishi and more.

“I want to provide our clients with peace of mind,” she adds. ”I strive for them to see me as an approachable partner. We can work together to figure out the solutions.”