The Story Behind the Picture

Every day, hundreds of people pass the small parks, steaming pipes and downtown buildings, never looking up from their phones. Allen, looking through his, turns them into compositions. He could fill art books just with what he observes during his lunchtime walks.

A graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Allen learned his craft at several agencies, including Wyse Advertising, servicing the Cleveland Clinic, Moen, Marathon, Purell and many more clients. You know how you can tell Allen worked his way through school in a machine shop? When touring a client’s factory, he’ll ask how often a drill press needs re-tooled. You are guaranteed a unique view of your company. It shows in the originality of the work – there’s always a story behind the picture.

Recognizing everyone’s unique identity is an important part of FSM’s approach to client partnership. Allen always advocates strong identities for our clients. It shows in his vibrant, storytelling designs that liven brochures, websites, logos, infographics, and brand standards – he even created a medical journal for Performance Health.

Most consumers recognize snap, crackle and pop as being the tagline (and characters) for Rice Krispies® commercials. For Allen, that’s the sweet sound of all his favorite songs on vintage vinyl playing on the turntable. Whether it’s new media or old, it’s quality and originality that he seeks and enjoys – and delivers.