Details build big pictures.

On Andrew’s desk you’ll find an intricate model of the Judicator, the colossal warjack in the tabletop war game Warmachine. The Judicator is a steam-powered battle mech (robot).

It came in a box filled with resin pieces. Andrew chose the pose, assembled and glued the pieces together into a formidable stance. The details are what make it special – armor painted white; shading and recessing the resin to enhance shadows; awesome blue accent on white; even the metal parts are nuanced: Instead of the obvious (painting the robot silver,)  Andrew painted the basic metal components an oil-rubbed steel color while choosing cobalt-blue for the elements that represent the robot’s special powers.

He does the same thing to model tanks and boats. The attention to detail represents traditional craftsmanship, where human hands hold delicate brushes. This same goes into Andrew’s website design. Motion graphics. Background fade. Subtle drop shadows. Small things that all add up to making every site different (and making yours different from your competitors).

It is technology – not for its own sake – but to elevate a business story.

Andrew earned a B.S. in Computer Science at Baldwin Wallace University, where he also competed nationally in racquetball. He has built hundreds of custom websites, including e-commerce sites, apps and all other aspects of digital destinations.

We (his clients and coworkers) appreciate how Andrew plainly explains why technology is important to business success – from understanding the logic behind the initial architecture to pointing out the nuanced details that make that site different, cool and fun.

He reciprocates the respect when he says, “FSM offers our customers a talented and experienced team of marketing minds to partner with you to bring your story to life and maximize its impact.”

“A great day at work is when a client sees their brand brought to life in a way they didn’t think possible,” he says.

Andrew also enjoys board games, golfing, jogging, hosting murder-mystery dinner parties, and spending quality time with his wife, two sons and extended family. He says, “I’m a husband, father, and son – in that order.”