In the Mix.

“I recognize the importance of my position – to manage the relationship with our clients and be a conduit of clear information and inspiration to my agency’s support and creative teams,” says Craig. “It’s a great mix of servicing both sides.”

After Craig earned a B.B.A. in Managerial Marketing from Kent State University, he joined Geometry Global. As a Media Buyer/Planner and later an Account Executive, Craig serviced BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products), John Deere, Nestlé, Kimberly-Clark, Sara Lee, Mazda and other clients. This vast account management experience earned him wisdom.

“Not all clients are the same” he asserts. “My job is to understand who they are, what industry they compete in, and how to bring their vision to life.”

Craig has developed proven tactics on how to build strong partnerships: “My goal is to earn the client’s trust. When that happens, the relationship is stronger. We communicate better. Together, we celebrate success. If there are challenges, the strong partnership empowers us to work through it successfully.”

Craig grew up in Jackson Township, where he lifted weights and played football until back surgery laid him low. He explored his artistic side, drawing and painting. He believes account management is an art, too. Business relationships begin as a blank canvas. What you put into it is what makes it one-of-a-kind.

Craig’s professional life is rooted in media and marketing. His personal life, too.

Nearly ten years after he graduated from high school, an old classmate acquaintance messaged him on social media. She asked him, “Aren’t you the guy who made me a cool, country mix CD?” He was. Before you knew it, Craig and Breanne were living a love song of their own. Now married with and a wonderful young son, they continue to enjoy their adventure together.

Craig loves the great outdoors, participating in the Summit Metroparks annual hiking sprees with his family and three dogs. In addition to the joys of his marriage, he relishes the other pillars of his life –  fitness, fatherhood and faith. Regarding the latter, Craig and Breanne enjoy participating in their church community.

That mix CD is still around. Sometimes, when they get a moment alone, they play it. The songs are more meaningful than ever – because, you see, media with the right message can bring people together.