Corned Beef.

Is FSM a creative boutique focused on story? Is it a tech lab driving results?

FSM must be both.

Josh’s experience on the agency side and the client-side has shaped a distinct vision for what an agency should (and shouldn’t) be.

As president of a dynamic, growing digital agency, Josh pivots from big picture to frontline details and back again as he shepherds FSM into becoming the best agency it can be.

Josh loves acapella music as much as he loves marketing. He appreciates voices – pure voices – coming together in a harmony. Every individual is important – but secondary to the song. It’s teamwork with a toe tap.

Today, Josh’s responsibilities include seeking out distinct voices to become the dynamic FSM team that together solves the hardest communications and marketing problems any business or organization faces.

He looks for talent in all walks – creative, account management, technology and analysis – then encourages the teams to harmonize, share what they know and inspire each other.

Josh inspires FSM to focus on creative problem-solving. “I want to help build and be part of the team that can take on any challenge and build a communications solution that works, especially for the most daunting and complex problems.”

What Do Formula 1, Jack Benny, Barberton, Ohio and Corned Beef Have In Common?
At Valdosta University in Georgia, Josh earned a B.S. in Marketing and Business Administration and launched a sports-talk radio show that is still on the air today. After brief stints in journalism (where he won an award from the Associated Press), Josh worked in executive account and marketing positions at Malone Advertising, serving Sea-Doo, John Deere, and Carpet One, at Knotice (now IgnitionOne) he served as Director of Marketing (where he launched the award-winning Lunch Pail Digital Marketing blog), and at the Karcher Group he served Sterling Jewelers, Timken, Spangler Candy, among other clients. At Zimmer Biomet, a global medical devices supplier, he was instrumental in helping shape a corporate identity that drove $65M in growth.

During this time, he personally experienced the power of emerging social media. In 2013, he went from being a concerned Barberton, Ohio citizen to (volunteer) social media manager to helping pass a school levy. Using Facebook, he first built a community, then told that community the stories of how children, families, businesses – everyone – benefits from a stronger school system. The levy passed decisively (54%-46%) after four previous failures at the polls.

This confirmed Josh’s belief that content is king when it comes to building, informing – and improving – communities. That was just the beginning of his community involvement.

Today, he serves as board Vice Chairman for the nonprofit Barberton Community Foundation. His passion for community building has led FSM to take on as clients several local school districts and civic-minded foundations – resulting in passing two school levies and other accomplishments.

While embracing the latest in new information and digital media strategies, he reveres the best of old media, too, enjoying old-time radio shows from the 1930s and ‘40s and vintage commercials from the Mad Men era. Creativity inspires, no matter when it was made.

He also enjoys the complexities of elite Formula 1 racing. And one more thing: on a personal note, Josh is on a perpetual quest to find the perfect Reuben. He believes he has found it, but doesn’t want to say, because then he’d have to end what has been a wonderfully mouthwatering quest!

What is most timeless, however, is the deep roots of family and community. “I cherish spending quality time with my wife and four kids…our Sunday dinners…building the community where we live, where they go to school. It’s our home. It’s everything.”