It All Adds Up

Melissa Emch - Bookkeeper

An orderly financial operation allows FSM to fully concentrate on serving our customers in all ways. In turn, our clients enjoy the confidence of working within a reliably structured, completely transparent invoicing system

Melissa Emch gets the credit. Her exacting standards make invoicing and collections timely – helping both FSM and clients keep books and records accurate and on time. Melissa is a friendly, professional and informative point of contact to all of our clients and vendors. From consistent reference numbers to clear explanations of services rendered, she manages FSM’s bookkeeping in a way that provides clarity to our customers.

As a child in Mount Vernon, Ohio, Melissa enjoyed playing with numbers, charts and graphics. “It brings order to things,” she says. “I find that reassuring.”

After earning a degree in Finance from the University of Akron, Melissa worked at Roadway Logistics Systems (ROLS), a contract logistics firm and a group of regional less-than-truckload carriers. She was also a Senior Accountant for FedEx, supporting JIT (just in time) fulfillment programs for clients.

Along with husband Tim and daughter Megan, Melissa loves the great outdoors. They have participated in every Summit County Metroparks Hiking Spree since 2007. Melissa also enjoys working out at the YMCA. She cherishes faith, family and friends – including their black lab, whose energetic mischief has earned her the name “Demon” Dottie!