Journeying through life and online

Tom Hennie - Digital Marketing Specialist

Our job is to understand what it’s like to be your business – then build strategies to grow it as if it were our own. Tom Hennie’s entrepreneurial spirit and experience helps us deliver the goods.

He implements our clients’ SEO, digital advertising and website performance campaigns – with great results: More conversions. Higher Google rankings. Solid leads. Overall, Tom helps us increase online activity so that your brand engages with the right audiences.

Tom brings to FSM experience working for a financial planning firm, wearing many hats as the social media manager and contributor to the marketing, public relations and event planning campaigns and community outreach campaigns.

Even before he entered college to study Marketing Management at the University of Akron, Tom founded a landscape design business in his hometown of Strongsville. He researched the industry, compared costs to competitors and offered services that customers wanted. Then he landed a list of loyal clients, hired employees and transitioned the successful, growing business to another eager young entrepreneur – all before day one of college.

Tom’s eclectic professional experience also includes managing a stable of award-winning horses and working for UPS, keeping the route on schedule with accurate, on-time deliveries.

Tom’s wide range of interests include classic rock, playing in a basketball league, fishing, hunting, hiking and traveling all fifty states (he’s checked off nearly 30 already). His love of nature is best defined in how much he enjoys Blue Planet, the natural history of oceans on Netflix.

“It’s a world so different from our own,” he says. The stunning photography and rare look at undersea life provides a new perspective on 70% of the planet that we cannot readily see.

Google-certified, Tom enjoys an informed look at the sea of search data that he helps to distill into strategies that benefit FSM clients and their customers.

“I want to see where our clients are now, where they are going, and extend their brand in new ways to where they should be,” says Tom.