Helping Clients Achieve New Goals

Veronica Kendall - Account Coordinator

Clients consider FSM’s account team an addendum to their own – making Account Coordinator Veronica Kendall a crucial part of your success.

Veronica brings a diversity of experience to FSM – from her beginnings on the front line of customer service as a Walmart cashier to coordinating consumer tech trade shows, quality assurance for websites and apps, and insight training into project management and UX design. Her personable communication and breadth of industry and cultural knowledge keep our accounts running smooth.

A big time movie buff, Veronica studies movies. She appreciates the distinction between directors’ storytelling styles – from Steven Spielberg to Chrisopher Nolan, Martin Scorcese to Luc Besson (to name four of her favorites). She asks the right questions: How do they tell the story? What makes them so remarkable? How can they inspire us to tell our own great stories in marketing campaigns?

Her B.A. in Economics from Colorado State University enables Veronica to understand the behavior that shapes our culture and economy. These insights contribute to understanding how to position our clients to achieve new goals.

Veronica has lived all over America – Spokane, Portland, San Francisco, Boston, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Fort Collins (Colorado). She understands how to study a new landscape and adapt to change.

Trying new things is in Veronica’s DNA. “I try to better myself,” she says. “I do not want to be stagnant. I experience new things all the time – from new foods and graphic novels to learning the basics of coding and Google analytics.”

She unwinds (unplugs) by taking long walks with Percy, her gorgeous Aussiedoodle.