Meet our talented Team

Calling ourselves a Team is a decision we make daily. If not, we’re just a group — who happens to work under the same roof. The daily decision to be a Team means we promise to be confident in our individual talent, generous in recognizing the talent of others, willing to share what we know and learn from each other, and passionately advocate for our clients’ success.

  • Julia Bee

    Content Specialist
  • James Boyle

    Web Project Manager
  • Dan Bridenstine

    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Ashlee Butryn

    Account Specialist
  • Kelly Cecora

    Senior Account Manager
  • Kristen Dauber

    Senior Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Melissa Emch

  • Blayne Fallert

    Account Manager
  • Maegen Gallagher

    Office Manager
  • Claire Gasser

    Senior Account Manager
  • Josh Gordon

    President, Partner
  • Andrew Husted

    Vice President, Partner
  • Kristie McLeod

    Content Marketing Manager
  • Mark Morelli

    Creative Director
  • Craig Raymaley

    Onboarding Manager
  • Erica Sams

    Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Laura Schweitzer

    Web Designer
  • Sophia Senderak

    Account Manager
  • Jeremy Struckel

    Account Coordinator
  • Sarah Yoder

    Graphic Designer

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