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Be the most valuable marketing communication partnership you’ll ever have – that’s what drives us to serve our clients and strengthen communities.

“Humble and Confident appeals to me. Pretension builds walls. It intimidates others, keeps them from speaking up and learning. At FSM, we treat each other well and encourage learning and growing.

Laura Schweitzer

Senior Web Designer, Enneagram 9

“Furiosity motivates us to go deeper and seek answers. I like that a-ha moment when we discover a new solution – and our clients are impressed when we push harder to help them achieve their goals.

Claire Gasser

Director of Accounts, Enneagram 1

“Partnership is the core value that captures them all. Without clear communication, honesty and humility – there would be no partnership.

Julia Bee

Senior Content Specialist, Enneagram 2

Our Team’sCore Values

These core values inform the way we work. If these are also what drive your sense of accomplishment, then we should meet.


Be an extension of our clients’ team – help achieve goals and have a meaningful business relationship that really matters to them.


Have the curiosity to say “yes” to challenges and pounce on opportunities to define problems and create solutions.

Clear Communicator

We work with the newest, most efficient tools, technology and best practices – but the most powerful tool is clear communication.

Bold & Honest

We owe it to ourselves and to our clients to never be afraid to speak up – but always be respectful and considerate when we do.

Humble & Confident

We believe that true confidence is synonymous with humility. The needs of others – our coworkers, our clients – come first.

From the big picture to everyday tasks and details, they will help you become an ideal marketing partner to all of our clients.

Benefits & Perks

FSM employees enjoy generous benefits and perks. There is everything you expect – and more – including a vibrant workplace culture in a growing, exciting downtown.

Remote Working

We offer the flexibility for FSMers to work remotely on selected days.

Work Downtown

What a view! Located in a secure highrise in the heart of newly-renovated downtown Akron just seconds away from restaurants, hiking paths, parks and professional baseball.

401K Plan

We want to help take care of you now and later, offering a match and access to advisors so you can save for retirement starting now!

Free Covered Parking

Everyone loves the convenience of employer-provided parking in the safe, secure deck that adjoins our building. This is great in spring, summer and fall. In winter – sublime!

Health Insurance

FSM offers medical, dental, and vision insurance to help you stay on top of your health.

Learning Opportunities

We encourage you to explore and pursue classes and certifications that contribute to your skills and accelerate your career growth.

Paid Vacation & Holidays

Vacation and personal/sick time are part of our culture, as are nine paid holidays and Summer Fridays when FSM closes at 3pm!

Fun & Professional People

We seek out talented people who bring enthusiasm, talent and a joy for living to our workplace every day. It’s a company where creativity, commerce and community come together like tapestry.

Life Insurance

FSM purchases insurance on your behalf, and offers the same discounted rate to you if you wish to purchase life insurance of your own.

Long Day? Snack Away!

We do our best to have snacks around to help on long days, including impromptu waffle days, bagels, and more!

Come work at FSMOpen Positions

FSM employees enjoy generous benefits and perks. There is everything you expect – and more – including a vibrant workplace culture in a growing, exciting downtown.

Responsibilities for this position include the ongoing success of FSM’s client partners’ digital marketing campaigns. This role is responsible for assisting the implementation of digital marketing strategies, focusing on search engine marketing through paid and organic mediums.
At Full Spectrum Marketing (FSM), the Front End Web Developer is a detail-oriented, user-experience-focused storyteller and marketer with a professional emphasis on front end website development.
At Full Spectrum Marketing, the Marketing Intern is a temporary, entry-level position occupied by an excellent communicator who is responsible for supporting the needs of the FSM Team to aid in client growth and completing day-to-day tasks.
Interested in FSM but not seeing a position that looks like you? We’d still love to hear from you!

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